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BT Analytics 

BT Analytics is a Norwegian based consulting firm developed and hiring from the prestigious Norwegian Business School "BI". We lay our focus primarly within analytics, as numbers dont lie! With some of the brightest young business minds will we deliver a combination of traditional analyzing with an innovate twist of doing it cheaper, quicker and still getting the same great result you are looking for. 

Our clients often referred to our effective work rate. Over years of study we have developed a study technic drastically increasing information consumed and processed into the most effective way. This resulting us being able to create great value for money. 

Our Team

Our Team

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Petter Tangen Aspdahl, CEO and CO-Founder | Phone: +47 93824054


Filip Backe, CFO and CO-Founder | Phone: +47 93838230

Two start ups 

Decade experience from seafood 
GPA: 4.6
Year course of Entrepreneurship at  BI Oslo 
Bachelor in International Management at BI Oslo

Specialities: Management, Venture capital, Analyze of business, Negotiations, Culture differences 

Private Investor 
Bachelor in Finance at BI Oslo
GPA: 4.4
Specialities: Valuation, Technical and financial analysis 


Ola Christie Thon, Sales manager

Ola is an experienced seller with a decade of experience from the field. 
Bachelor in International Management from ESADE, Barcelona


Kristoffer Engen- CEO shanghai divison 

Kristoffer is the CEO of our Shanghai division with a wide network. Primarily working with International Marketing, as he has experience from doing this work for Ekornes. 


We are all about scale ups, and have dedicated employees in
HQ- Norway, Oslo & Bergen - 
- Spain, Barcelona -
- China, Shanghai -
- Australia, Sydney -

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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