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Company Analysis

Unlisted companies

Here we will analyze different start ups, this is primarily for venture capitalist. At first we thoroughly scout, then we analyze our gathered data. 

1) Scouting:
Here we will find companies based on your sweet spot or criteria such as: 

- Size

- Origin 
- Sector or industry 
- Etc 
Presented in a power point or excel document 

2) Analyzing 

We will find relevant information. You can of course come with your own criteria, but here are some suggestions:
- Information 
- Business model 
- Market
- Competitors
- Economic analysis  
-  If wanted we can book meetings
with set company and get their pitch deck. 

This two packages goes hand- in hand. Contact us for a tailor made solution 


Listed companies 

Our services within listed companies include comprehensive analysis on most listed companies, with information you find relevant. We do everything from valuation using institutional methods such as financial statement analysis, technical analysis, option data, financial modeling to analyzing the industry, competitors, and growth opportunities. With these tools we can tailor the analysis to match your desire.

- Basic information about the company 
- Their solution and how they stand out 
- Competitors with brief explanation 

- Valuation using financial statement analysis

- Trend analysis using option data and technical analysis

- Portfolio construction

Fill in the forum below, and we will make you an offer.

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